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    Bonjour, OGREs!

    Davo here, back in action, after a few weeks hiatus. This will be another brief update, and really unrelated to my position on the Board.

    Mostly I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to OMG Con this year and participated in our various activities! Everything from our point of view was a great, great success and we are super glad. All OGRE hosted games were filled to capacity with some overflow, honestly, and every person who played seemed to be thrilled at the outcomes!

    I, myself, played a new game this weekend, of which I am the master. If you wish to disagree or attempt to disprove this statement, I shall instruct you gladly.

    What game, you might ask? Munchkin Cthlulhu.

    As a second, more related order of business,…

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  • APostcardHello

    Hey guys!

    Its Davo here, your new OGRE Editor-in-Chief, just checking in.

    We've got a lot of upcoming changes here around the OGRE Lair, so keep an eye out for what is to come!
    As a quick introduction, I suppose, I shall let everyone know that my intention as Editor is to, first and foremost, make sure all the current content available is grammatically and typographically accurate, to the best of my ability. Parallel to that in importance is making sure everything is well composed and a worthwhile read. I know from personal experience that great concepts can turn sour by poor content, and that is something we do not wish to fall victim to here.

    As a second order of business, if any chapter or person associated with the OGREs has any fiction wr…

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