The Soil Ogres (standing for Southern Illinois), formerly the Super City Ogres, are a chapter of the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts active in Metropolis, Illinois. They are located just seven miles from nearby Paducah, KY - home of the Ogres mother chapter the Quilt City Ogres, and the two share many members and work together frequently. The chapter was the third ever chapter of O.G.R.E.s to form.

Soil Ogres
Metropolis, IL
Chapter Number
Chapter Coordinator
Shawn Cain
Senior Dungeon Master
Soil Forum


The founders of the Soil Ogres were all members of the Quilt City Ogres chapter. As they began to hold more games in their own hometown of Metropolis, and to draw new players from the Southern Illinois region, they adopted the Ogres moniker and began to act as a third Ogres chapter. Originally calling themselves the Super City Ogres, in reference to Metropolis' status as the "Home of Superman." As more members became active from the surrounding region, the name was altered to the Soil Ogres, with Soil being short for Southern Illinois and a acronym used by other gamings groups in the area, most notably the Soil Magic club.


The Soil Ogres average an unknown amount of active and associate members. Known members can be seen here.


Chapter Coordinator
Shawn Cain
Senior Dungeon Master

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Shawn Cain

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