Ogswald Academy

The College of Recruitment is a school at the Oggie Institute, which is a part of the Ogswald Academy, which provides courses of study related to member recruitment and retention for the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts. The school is overseen both by the New Chapter Recruitment Committee, who acts as or appoints the college's director, which is currently Hooper of the Quilt City Ogres.

To take a course from this school, you will need to contact the school director via e-mail here. Click on the link next to the wanted course that reads "Apply for course" and supply your full real name, chapter, and a good and valid email address to send the course.

Recruitment Edit

COR 101
Understanding Membership Perks Apply for course
COR 102
Promoting Ranks Apply for course
COR 103
Rewarding Awards Apply for course
COR 104
Ogswald Academy Apply for course
COR 105
Playtesting Material Apply for course
COR 201
Demographics Apply for course
COR 202
Marketing Apply for course
COR 203
Places to Patrol Apply for course
COR 204
Clear and Concise Apply for course
COR 205
Raw Data Apply for course
COR 301
The Joining Process Apply for course
COR 302
Keeping in Contact Apply for course
COR 303
Finding Area Gamers Apply for course
COR 304
Cold Calling Apply for course
COR 305
Connecting Recruits Apply for course

Recruiting New Chapters Edit

RNC 101
Locating a Market Apply for course
RNC 102
Scouting for a Chapter Coordinator Apply for course
RNC 103
Scouting for a Senior Dungeon Master Apply for course
RNC 201
Assisting Chapter Setup Apply for course

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