The Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts

The individuals present on the night in 2006 that the Paducah, Kentucky gamers who would become the Quilt City Ogres, and thus first used the term "O.G.R.E." outside a singular group (as they adopted the name from the first chapter, the Sin City Ogres) are considered the Founding Five.

Founding FiveEdit

Picture Name Current Chapter Biography Rank Special Notes
Apostcardhello David "Davo" Waddell Quilt City Ogres Bio Fieldmarshal
Hooper Hooper Quilt City Ogres Bio Fieldmarshal Vice Director
Director of Communications
2009 MVP
Order of Chrétien de Troyes ribbon
Jared Jared Street Quilt City Ogres Bio Sergeantmajor
Nick Nick Henley Saluki City Ogres Bio Marshal Order of Chrétien de Troyes ribbon
Walter Walter H. Pfeifer-Thompson Quilt City Ogres Bio Fieldmarshal Supreme Game Master

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