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The following are the nominated products for the 2nd annual ENnie Awards, held in 2002. This page does not list the winners. For those, see the 2002 ENnie Award winners.

Category Nominated Products
Best Adventure

Hall of the Rainbow Mage (Necromancer Games; Patrick Lawinger)
Interludes: Brief Expeditions to Bluffside (Thunderhead Games; Jeffrey Quinn)
Of Sound Mind (Fiery Dragon Productions; Kevin Kulp)
Song of Storms (Monkeygod Enterprises; Christopher Coyle)

Best d20 Game

Call of Cthulhu (Wizards of the Coast; Monte Cook and John Tynes)
Forbidden Kingdoms (OtherWorld Creations; R. Hyrum Savage, Dave Webb)
Spycraft RPG (AEG; Patrick Kapera, Kevin Wilson)
The Wheel of Time RPG (Wizards of the Coast; Charles Ryan, Steven S. Long, Christian Moore, Owen K.C. Stephens)

Best Rules Supplement

Alchemy & Herbalists (Bastion Press; Steven Schend)
Dragonstar Starfarer’s Handbook (Fantasy Flight Games; Greg Benage, Matt Forbeck)
Shaman’s Handbook (Green Ronin Publishing; Steve Kenson)
Thee Compleat Librum ov Gar’Udok’s Necromantic Artes (Ambient; M Jason Parent)

Best Campaign Setting

Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy (Fantasy Flight Games; Greg Benage, Matt Forbeck)
The Hunt: Rise of Evil Worldbook (Mystic Eye Games; Doug Herring, Andrew Thompson)
Rokugan Campaign Setting (AEG; Rich Wulf, Shawn Carman, Seth Mason)
Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad (Sword & Sorcery Studios; Joseph D. Carriker, et al.)

Best Setting Supplement

Bluffside: City on the Edge (Thunderhead Games; James Govreau, Curtis Bennett, Andrew Troman, Jeff Quinn, Warren Bailey)
Geanavue: The Stones of Peace [for Kingdoms of Kalamar] (Kenzer & Co.; Ed Greenwood)
Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers [for Scarred Lands] (Sword & Sorcery Studios; Chris Campbell, Geoff Grabowski, Ethan Skemp)
Seven Strongholds (Atlas Games; Robin Laws)

Best Free Product or Web Enhancement

Himrak War Party (Fiery Dragon; Todd Secord)
Ink & Quill (Bastion Press; Thomas Knauss)
Mahasarpa Campaign [for Oriental Adventures] (Wizards of the Coast; James Wyatt)
Umbragia: Realms of Shadow, Volume III: Liber Veneficium (Jagged Edge Games; K. David Ladage)

Best Aid or Accessory

Backdrops (Atlas Games; Will Hindmarch)
Counter Collection II (Fiery Dragon; Claudio Pozas)
Mansions and Manors (Darkfuries; Brian K. Moseley)
Wilderness & Wasteland: Scarred Lands Encounters (Sword & Sorcery Studios; Ed Bourelle, Christopher Simmons, Jeff Tabrum, Wil Upchurch)

Best Cartography

Backdrops (Atlas Games; John Davis with Scott Reeves)
Foul Locales: Urban Blight (Mystic Eye Games; Ed Bourelle)
Geanavue: The Stones of Peace (Kenzer & Co.; Rob Lee)
Mansions and Manors (Darkfuries; Brian K. Moseley)

Best Art, Interior

Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy (Fantasy Flight Games; Andy Brase, et al.)
If Thoughts Could Kill (Malhavoc Press; Kieran Yanner)
Spells & Magic (Bastion Press; Brannon Hall, Stephanie Law, et al.)
Wheel of Time RPG (Wizards of the Coast; Brom, Sam Wood, et al.)

Best Art, Cover

Creatures of Rokugan (AEG; Jim Pavelec)
Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers [Scarred Lands] (Sword & Sorcery Studios; William O’Connor)
Jade Dragons and Hungry Ghosts (Green Ronin Publishing; rk post)
The Witchfire Trilogy Part 3: The Legion of Lost Souls (Privateer Press; Matt Wilson)

Best Graphic Design and Layout

Dragonstar Starfarer’s Handbook (Fantasy Flight Games; Brian Schomburg)
Freeport: City of Adventure (Green Ronin Publishing; Hal Mangold)
The Hunt: Rise of Evil Worldbook (Mystic Eye Games; Tamara Pressman)
Rokugan Campaign Setting (AEG; Steve Hough)

Best Monster Supplement

Armies of the Abyss (Green Ronin Publishing; Erik Mona)
Creatures of Rokugan (AEG; Shawn Carman, Rich Wulf, Seth Mason, Travis Heermann, Aaron Medwin, Eric Steiger, Erik Brann)
Jade Dragons and Hungry Ghosts (Green Ronin Publishing; Wolfgang Baur, David “Zeb” Cook, Erik Mona, Leon Philips, Chris Pramas, Steven Schend)
Minions: Fearsome Foes (Bastion Press; Greg Dent)

Best Fan Resource Site

Black Falcon Aerie
Creature Catalog
The Game Hub

Best Fan Campaign Site

Karanblade d20 Campaign Setting Project
The World of Inzeladun

Best Official Website

Green Ronin Publishing
Malhavoc Press
Necromancer Games
Thunderhead Games

Best Publuisher

Atlas Games
Green Ronin Publishing
Necromancer Games
Sword & Sorcery Studios

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