These are members of the Derby City Ogres chapter located in Louisville, Kentucky. This list is a work in progress, and does not represent the entire chapter's roster nor members of other chapter's that also game with this one.


Picture Position Chapter Name Biography Rank Special Notes
Ogreonly Chapter Coordinator Derby City Ogres Unassinged Not Applicable Ogreonly
Ogreonly Senior Dungeon Master Derby City Ogres Unassigned Not Applicable Ogreonly

Associate MembersEdit

Picture Position Chapter Name Biography Rank Special Notes
Chuck Member Quilt City Ogres Charles Ringstaff Bio Marshal Board Member, Board of Directors
Wames Member Derby City Ogres James "Wames" Wallace Bio Sergeantmajor Order of Chrétien de Troyes ribbon
Evilryanedwards Member Derby City Ogres Ryan Edwards Bio Sergeantmajor
Ryannealenglish Member Derby City Ogres Ryan Neal English Bio Sergeantmajor

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