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Blacksburg Tactical Research Center, Inc., or BTRC, is an American game publishing company most famous for publishing the Timelords and EABA role-playing games.

Published GamesEdit

Role Playing GamesEdit

  • Timelords, 1987
  • Macho Women with Guns, 1988
  • CORPS, generic role playing system, 1998
  • EABA, generic role playing system, 2003
  • Hollyworld, 2005
  • Warp World, 2007

Board GamesEdit

  • Slag, 2005
  • Black Death, 2006
  • Hunted, 2007 (projected release date)

Card GamesEdit

  • F*CK This!, rude and crude card game, 2004
  • Dumbass!, less rude card game, 2006
  • Infinite Armies, 2005, winner of 2006 Origins Vanguard award


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